MIL’s Special Baigan Bhurta Mutter- Eggplant mash with peas(Core Punjabi delicacy)

Baigan Bhurta mutter (Eggplant mash with peas)

I consider my self fortunate that life has blessed me with two amazing mothers, not one, mom & mom in law .They are the two beautiful women in my life, whom I admire from the bottom of my heart for all the things … Continue reading

Methi Gatta- Steamed Gram flour & fenugreek dumplings in yogurt gravy

Methi gatta

Gatte ki sabzi is favorite at my home. My husband loves it so much. This dish is something that you just can’t resist. Gram flour dumplings flavored with dry spices, steamed and then dunked into a yoghurt based curry is a … Continue reading

Malai or Til wali Roti- Indian bread made with cream & sesame seeds

Malai or Til wali Roti

Reviving my childhood memories since I come back from Stockholm,specially with food. It’s winter time and I am not hesitant to splurge myself  in my all time favorite indulgent dishes.Everyday feels like a festive day and I crave for something … Continue reading